Fine Motor Activities Storage Cart

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How to Use a Storage Cart to Organize Fine Motor Supplies for Young Children

I love using storage carts in my classroom for organization and I thought that this would also be perfect to create a fine motor station as well! I got this one from Michael's, but you can also find similar ones at IKEA and Target. This organization can be used as a teacher cart or to be freely used by your children or students. Tools and materials were found at Michael's, Target, Amazon, and the Dollar Tree. Here are some ideas on what to put on your cart:

On the top, I have put many of the tools that can be used for fine motor play, including:
  • Tweezers
  • Tongs
  • Droppers
  • Scoopers
  • Scissors
  • Loop Scissors
  • Squeezy Tweezers
  • Paper Hole Punchers
  • Dot Markers
  • Clothespins
  • Three Prong Grippers
  • Crayons
  • Squeeze Bottles
  • Chip clips
  • Citrus Squeezers

During the pandemic, individual fine motor tool boxes can be stored on the cart as well.

On the second row, I included more fine motor and sensory materials including:

  • Pipe cleaners with Beads
  • Mini Erasers
  • Pom Poms
  • Stickers and Sticker Books
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Water Beads
  • Playdough with trays and utensils
  • Kinetic sand
  • Rice

On the bottom row, I have included fine motor boxes and mats for children to use with mini erasers, playdough, or dry erase markers. Children can freely use the tools and materials on the mats and cards.

Fine motor task cards and mats shown here can be found in the Teaching the Whole Child Store


Happy Teaching!

Digital Learning for Preschoolers

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Here are some fun digital websites and apps that I used to help enhance learning for preschool students. Of course, it is important for young children to learn primarily through play and hands-on activity. However, some occasion educational technology can help to supplement the learning that is happening at home and in the classroom. Click on each title to take you to the website.

Image result for storyline online oprah
Children's books read by different celebrities! Of course, having your parents read to you is number one on a child's list, it is still fun to see someone else doing a read-aloud. Especially when it is Oprah Winfrey or Betty White!

Image result for bookflix
Bookflix is another great site that offers videos and read-alouds! It is a paid site but offers a free trial.

Image result for at home scholastic
Another great site that provides lesson plans and activities for teachers and parents for each grade level. 

Image result for epic for kids
Epic provides access to a digital library bank of over 35,000 books for children of different ages.

Image result for brainpop jr.
Follow Annie and Moby as they explore different topics and inform children through cute videos! This website requires a subscription but offers some free videos. 

Image result for go noodle
My students LOVE GoNoodle! It has been a lifesaver on a rainy day when we are not able to play outside. It inspires children to move by offering dance and movement videos like Kids Bop and Zumba kids. My students love dancing along with fun songs and coordinated movements. GoNoodle also offers videos that help with calming, breathing exercises and mindfulness. 

Image result for starfall
Starfall offers interactive learning activities for elementary-aged students, but many of the activities on the Kindergarten page can be done by younger children. The website is designed to make it easy for young children to use more independently. There is also an app to use on tablets as well.

Image result for pbs kids
PBS Kids offers many videos, games, interactive activities, and printables for young children and features all of their favorite PBS characters including Sid the Science Kid, Daniel Tiger, The Cat in the Hat, and more!

Image result for abc mouse
ABC Mouse is a website designed for children ages 2-8 and offers many reading, math, science, and art activities. 

Happy Learning!