Family Pumpkin Decorating Project

Thursday, October 10, 2019
Fall has finally arrived in Georgia! I am loving the cool breeze, especially considering this time last week it was 98° outside. 😴 Fall is also my favorite theme to do in my classroom! I love talking about leaves, pumpkins, animals, apples, and of course, Halloween!

One project that we enjoy doing in our classroom is sending home pumpkin templates for each child and their family to decorate at home. We love to see how all of the families decorated their pumpkins and how creative they can be. It's also fun to see how excited each child gets when they get to show everyone how they decorated it. We also display these pumpkins on our bulletin in the hallway for everyone else in the school to see as well. Every time we walk by the board, each child will point out their pumpkin. This activity encourages parent involvement as well as fosters a positive home/school environment.

Here are some pictures of our pumpkins on the board:

Enjoy this free resource!
Tip: Print out the pumpkin on cardstock paper for durability and print out the letter home on orange Astrobright paper for color!

Family Pumpkin Decorating Project

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