Saturday, July 6, 2019

When is the perfect time to start a teacher blog? In the summer 🌞! I took all of June to recover from a crazy year (it was a doozy), then I started thinking of ways in which I can expand and grow. After finishing my master's degree last year, I began to wonder how I can start to express what I have learned after teaching Kindergarten and preschool for 16 years as well as getting two degrees in Early Childhood Education. It dawned on me that I can share my passion for teaching hands-on and developmentally appropriate activities in my classroom through a blog! So welcome to my crazy teacher/mom/wife life! I look forward to sharing classroom activities, lessons, decor, and organization as well as some personal life ramblings as well.

Speaking of crazy, we also added a new puppy to the family 🐶! I've lost some precious sleep, but isn't Cora adorable?!

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